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Better care against lower costs! It’s not a dream, it’s our vision!

With an aging populations, societies worldwide face the same challenge:

  • pressure on quality of healthcare
  • rising healthcare costs
  • age-related risks (falling incidents, death by fire incidents, et cetera)

Our mission is that all people can age with dignity, having the best tools and advices to make the final years of their lives also great years.

We believe that innovation can help in our mission, by providing an eHealth platform that provides valuable and necessary insight in health conditions.

We believe that care, starting with elderly care, can be of better quality, and be better organized, when we put the user in the center.

To realize this mission, we develop an eHealth platform based on the following pillars:

Personalized Care

Our eHealth platform is centered around the senior person and his/her family. This person can access their own care information, care plans and settings at all times, and share with the caregivers that they choose.

Big Data

Seniors receive insight in their care needs and risks for their health and safety. This predictive analysis is based on big data. Through the millions of finished assessments worldwide, algorithms are designed and constantly updated to objectively determine what those problems, risks and needs are. And what advice a senior and his family needs for prevention and coping with these complex problems.

Moreover, with the platform we create our own big data, helping our seniors to better and more personalized care.

Smart Living / IoT

Our platform is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) by providing smart sensors for senior people. A large portion of this group fails to recognize conventional alarms (e.g. smoke alarms) or recognizes their alarms too late.

These smart sensors detect smoke, movement, or wandering for seniors with dementia, and alarms automatically to the informal support network of the senior. This provides safety, a feeling of being secure in a non-invasive way.

We created an open platform, open to all kinds of smart sensors improving the quality of life for people.


Senior Citizens

Our eHealth platform is particularly fit for senior people and their family. To gain objective and the right insight into their problems, risk areas and which preventive measures to take.

Our services extend with an option to install smart sensors into the home, for an optimized alarm- and incident system.

Care Professionals

Our services are based on the interRAI assessment suite. This assessment suite originally was designed to aid care professionals and care organizations in providing the best care against lower costs. It is proven to improve the quality of care and the educational level of your employees.


Our platform brings the community together. By choosing with whom you share your care information, the whole community can participate in improving senior people’s situation. Insight can be generated in the main issues per community, to tackle these together. Also, our smart living solutions have proven to strengthen the community, as neighbors help each other and follow up incident alarms.